We found that Veterans are typically underpaid by  $868  Every Month!

Seven Principles can help guide you to a better Pay

The VA disability claims process can be a difficult, elaborate, and confusing process to some. That may  require in depth knowledge and expertise to navigate successfully. Leading to unsuccessful claims.

Moreover, many veterans are either unaware of the benefits they are eligible for, unwilling to engage with the process due to its complexity, or frustrated with unsuccessfully trying out the VA

Seven Principles provides the expertise, knowledge and resources to bridge these gaps.

2022 VA Disability Compensation Rates

VA Disability Pay Rates in 2022 for a Veteran Without Children

DisabilityNo DependentsWith SpouseWith Spouse & 1 ParentWith Spouse & 2 ParentsWith 1 Parent 
No Spouse or Child
With 2 Parents 
No Spouse or Child

Veterans with ratings of 10%-20% do not receive extra compensation for dependents.

10% rate = $152.64
20% rate = $301.74

Additional For A/A Spouses$170.00$153.00$136.00$119.00$102.00$86.00$68.00$51.00
VA Disability Pay Rates in 2022 for a Veteran Including Children
Disability1 Child (no Spouse or Parents)With 1 Child & Spouse (no Parents)With 1 Child, Spouse & 1 ParentWith 1 Child, Spouse & 2 ParentsWith 1 Child & 1 Parent (no Spouse)With 1 Child & 2 Parents (no Spouse)
50%$1,020.44$1,118.44$1,192.44 $1,266.44$1,094.44$1,168.44
For Additional Children
For Each Additional Child Under 18$92.00$83.00$73.00$64.00$64.00$64.00$36.00$27.00
For Each Additional Child Over Age 18 in a Qualifying School program$298.00$268.00$238.00$208.00$178.00$149.00$119.00$89.00
How Can I get paid More? - Seven Principles

So, Am I Eligible for a Higher Pay Rate?

If you are convinced that you are not receiving the right amount of Pay which is due to you and you would like to properly apply for a better pay rate, just send us a message and we will get back to you ASAP to help you with your claims.

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